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 XBox360 : Profils Data AP25 Pour LT+v3.0 (PATCH)
Posté par Enzo-Gx le 25/12/2011 21:16:10 (6113 lectures)
La Team Xecuter met a disposition les Profils Data (Patch AP25) vous permettant de patcher les isos de vos propres backup xgd3 et xgd2

Le patch
permet de lancer tout vos backup de jeux xgd3 actuel

Le patch
Vous permet de lancer les jeux xgd2 suivant:
COD Black ops, Modern Wafare 2, Halo Reach.

Citation :
Released: 12/25/2011
================================================== =============================

After an exhaustive development process we are pleased to release these disc profile topology patches for the iXtreme LT+ v3.0 firmware.

These patches are based on millions of angle measurements spanning hundreds of hours to get the most accurate values possible.

There are currently two patches available:



a) Call of Duty: Black Ops

b) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

c) Halo: Reach (XGD2 ONLY, don’t use this on backups of the XGD3 beta)

These games have the exact same topology and therefore can share the same profile data. This was confirmed by doing at least 35 iterations of profile data for each game and analyzing the results. Over millions of measurements, not a single one deviated from the median by more than 1 degree, and there were no cumulative effects at all. These games are identical in the way they were mastered.


Suitable for all XGD3 games with this disc profile ID:


This covers all current XGD3 releases (at the time of writing) except for the Halo: Reach XGD3 beta.

Check and stay up to date with the latest news on the usual sites so you don’t end up patching and burning the wrong data if a new XGD3 game comes out with a different disc profile ID (there are several more already waiting in dae.bin).

Media ID shouldn’t matter since we always check our data against all foreign versions of games in DAE.bin using the targets from the v12 table and several unique per-Xbox v8 tables. Again, stay up to date with the latest news in case this situation changes.

P.S. You may be thinking that it’s better to use topology data taken from a specific title or pressing… and that may be true… but only if you do a multitude of iterations and take the average values. You would most likely
end up with extremely similar data to ours (if your drive and disc are OK), with only very small deviations where measurements were right in between two integers, and could effectively go either way.

We certainly don’t want to discourage people from doing their own measurements, but please be aware that it is very easy for some drives to screw up an angle measurement, and even small screw ups or a general bias in timing can have a great impact on LT+ responses.

P.P.S We’ve included an example of how we process our multitudes of iterations in case you think this is all a bunch of BS. It’s a massive html file so be careful if you don’t think your system or browser can handle it.

More patches will be released in the coming days or weeks as required.

Thanks go to c4eva, Seacrest, Redline99, Team Jungle & Team Xecuter.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas! We look forward to all future challenges in 2012.

Note: To inject the Topology patch file to the .iso simply download the latest Xbox Backup Creator and read the instructions – very easy to do :)

Remember to burn your images using an Liteon iHas Burner and the BurnerMax firmware. DO NOT USE OR TRUST TRUNCATED IMAGES !

 Profils Data AP25 Pour LT+v3.0

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